Mirtec Signage Solutions

Mirtec Signage Solutions

Mirtec offers one of the world’s most advanced and innovative services in the signage industry. Their tailor-made interior signage designs provides a comprehensive range of products, all designed to satisfy architectural and design functions across a broad spectrum of applications, including wall-mounted, directory, desktop, projection, overhead, free-standing, post pylon and many more.

The material specified in each of the company’s ranges - whether anodized aluminum extrusion, acrylic, or various formulated plastics - are specifically selected by their advanced engineering department to ensure perfect presentation and durability to suit each application. Mirtec’s curved design technology and cutting-edge flat systems generate maximum legibility and their modular sign systems meet a vast range of requirements for interior signage applications.

Jupiter: The Jupiter system is an ideal solution for distinctive signage with curved technology. This system’s sustainable design is built with recyclable aluminum and allows you to update message inserts as needed without replacing the sign. Jupiter system offers the largest width range possible. Available with or without accent bars.

Panel: Mirtec’s Panel system is a unique solid aluminum extrusion frame with clean, modern lines and a floating look. It is available in a flat profile and is applicable for room ID and cubicle signs. It can be easily installed onto any surface and can be integrated into any of our other systems seamlessly.

Reflection: The Reflection system is elegant and chic creating a clear crystal effect. This system reflects current architectural trends, with its highly polished edges and frameless design. This system can be integrated into any of Mirtec’s other flat-faced systems and will complement any interior environment with modern elegance.

Venus: The Venus system is the pioneer of flat architectural sign systems. Versatility is its greatest advantage. The Venus system encompasses modern design and acute functionality. The Venus system is compatible with every architectural style and built environment and is easy to assemble and install onto any surface. Available with or without accent bars.

Fascia: Mirtec’s Fascia system is unlike any other signage solution on the market. It’s distinctive in its freedom of design thus allowing a powerful visual to be created. The Fascia system is a Mondrian-like concept where modern lines seem to “float off the wall”.